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Over the last 10 years we have gained a lot of expertise in solutions that save energy in Buildings, Factories, Utilities and Transportation. Long before the world realized energy saving is an absolute must we were already a pioneer in this field. Since early 2000 we started to become more involved in Street Light Management Solutions mainly because of the project we ran together with Hafslund and the City of Oslo where we installed the larger part of the solution that is currently operational and still continues to grow. Today thousands of our nodes are saving energy in hundreds of solutions. We have always been using open technology in all our solutions and that gives our customers the freedom to mix and match our systems with products from other vendors and suppliers.
We have worked with the LonWorks® technology since 1995 and developed an impressive product portfolio as LonWorks Independent Developer. Over the last 5 years our knowledge about standards based web-interfaces and SOAP/XML has grown to be significant and is used in all our products. The software therefore works easily with your existing solutions like the enterprise applications you are running for billing, maintenance, energy management and others.

our company

This is the organization of our international structure:
Luminext Solutions based in Norway. They are in charge of research, development and production of public lighting systems.

Luminext BV based in Netherlands. They are exclusive Luminext Solutions distributors for Benelux. They have their own commercial structure for sales, marketing and the installation of the system.

Noble Luminext based in Argentina and Norway. We are exclusive Luminext Solutions distributors for South América. We have our own commercial structure for sales, marketing and the installation of the system. We also offer the technical training for the optimal use of the system.